Unspoiled, wild, adventurous. 




Surrounded by magnificent alpine views, we are in the homeland of hiking.
Starting on foot from the inn you can walk:

  •  the Path of the Cyclamen – 2.5 hours
  • the Crocetta Soprana path
  • the Path of the Crown of the Magi
  • the Path of the Chamois
  • the Agnelliera tour
  • the tour of Mount Rubbio
  • the Path of the Coopers
  • the Path of faith
  • the Tour of the hamlets of Celle Macra

Valle Maira

This wild, unspoilt valley has an ancient charm, with its hamlets and the chance to enjoy in tranquillity the grand and changing views of its numerous side valleys and mountain ranges. There is something for everyone – from easy family-friendly strolls to excursions to the numerous alpine lakes; from circular day treks to the many peaks of 3000 metres and more that are easily reachable by expert hikers; from demanding multi-day treks to inter- valley and cross-border tours. Walking at a slow pace allows you to enjoy nature, to experience the history of an Alpine culture that today finds a new identity in tourism, and to cross mountains that for centuries have witnessed the passage of men and armies from one side of the Alps to the other , a meeting point and place of exchange for Occitan culture, and the stage of dramatic battles of which forts, bunkers and fences remain silent witnesses. The Maira Valley is also an ideal area for practicing Sky Running and Trail Running, mountain running on high-altitude military trails and roads, with itineraries affording great views (summer competitions in Villar San Costanzo, Canosio and Acceglio).

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B&B Locanda del Silenzio mountain bike

Mountain bike

Increasingly appreciated by enthusiasts, the vast network consisting of dirt roads, forest tracks and military roads at high altitude allows for magnificent routes in the woods, among alpine pastures and on the watershed ridges suspended between the earth and sky of the Western Alps.
It is difficult to summarise the enormous quantity of MTB-VTT itineraries that are on offer in Valle Maira. The following are singled out for the spectacular views:

  • the Strada dei Cannoni, which runs on the northern slope between the Maira and Varaita valleys making various inroads into the plain and the side valleys as far as the Elva prairies, reaching the base of the Pelvo d'Elva and dominated by the panorama from the peak of Monviso
  • on the opposite side, the  Dragonbikeroute, between the woods of Dronero, Montemale
    and San Damiano Macra.
  • the road that climbs from Marmora to Colle Intersile and to the panoramic basin of Monte Tibert, returning in a loop from Colle di Esischie
  • the panoramic road of the Gardetta plateau and Colle Valcavera, over 15 km at more than
    2,000m, beneath the imposing bulk of Rocca la Meja.
  • the road circling Monte Bellino from the Vallone di Traversiera, now a classic among bikers.
  • the climb to Colle Ciarbonet in the Vallone di Unerzio.

Many ring routes can be created by following the forest track that descends from Chiappera to Ponte Marmora along the Maira river, immersed in larch, silver fir and broad-leaved woods in cool and humid environments. Other beautiful two-wheeled excursions can be planned by studying on a map the large amount of dirt roads in the middle and lower valley, connecting the myriad of villages and houses scattered in the many side valleys: draw your own line through the mazes hidden among the woods lying between Macra, Celle Macra, San Damiano, Roccabruna and Villar San Costanzo for an outing that will both surprise and enchant you. For adrenaline-junkies, fun is guaranteed on the Downhill piste at Ciciu di Villar San Costanzo, descending from Colle Liretta near the take-off area for paragliders and hang gliders.

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The Via Ferrata of Camoglieres is beautiful and fun (you can rent the kit from us), with large overhangs and a Tibetan bridge suspended over the void; or try the more alpine-style Via Ferrata of Monte Oronaye – rich in history having been built by the Alpine troops in the Second World War and now fully restored while maintaining the charm of the past Climbing enthusiasts in Valle Maira can choose from among historical itineraries on the Castello-Provenzale group, the more modern and demanding routes of Rocca La Meja, or the little known Rocca Gialeo in the Pelvo d’Elva group.
There is also plenty still to experience in a virgin territory that offers numerous opportunities for those who want to give free rein to their imagination and design new climbs. Ideal gyms for organizing climbing courses or stretching your muscles are found on Monte Russet in Chiappera, the Perun d’Perin in Acceglio, the gymnasium del Pilone in Preit di Canosio; if you want to climb out of season, just go down to the gym in Camoglieres or on the Rocca del Castlass in Roccabruna, in a panoramic position over the Cuneo plain.

Valle Maira climbing
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